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How It Works

Step 1 – Contact Us

Once you submit our online form, we will notify you a time we will contact you to discuss your requirements. You can also call us on 02031517780

Step 2 – Architect Call

The Architect will call you to discuss your vision, ideas and your requirements with you.


We will explain to you the service we can offer. 


This is the time to ask the expert all the questions you need answering.

Step 3 – Booking

Site Visit Booking

A site visit is booked for the laser measured survey. Our Architect measures the property and discusses what you require and begins drawing the plans.

Fast & informative

The phone consultation takes only around 5 minutes to gather and explain to you, your options.


We will send a written email about what we can offer with costings and how to proceed forward.


We are asked a number of question over the phone to which some can be answered below.

Planning Permission

Permitted development amongst residential properties have made things easier in regards to building within limitations. We will advise you if planning consent is required.

Building Control

All projects that require structural change internally or externally require building control approval. We will advise you if this is needed.


Budgeting your project is an important part of yuor inital enquiry. We will assit you with saving money where possible and providing you the best solutions to complete you project wihtin budget.

agent Services

We provide automatic agent services with all planning permission applications. This means we answer any questions the council may have and look to make amendments were possible for approval.

Trade Workers

We have a number of trusted trade workers and subcontractors to undertake all jobs necessary with the proper supervision to complete all works to UK Building Regulation Standards.

Onsite Survey

For architect or structural drawings a laser measured survey is required if you do not already have any existing plans to work from.

Contact Us Now 

Once you complete our online form we would look to repond to you within the hour of receiving your enquiry.

Further Info

For further information please see planning portal below